Dream Interpretation 10/17/18

A dream dictionary is very much like a normal dictionary.  It will offer you individual meanings of the elements therein, but the way those elements are combined can tell innumerable stories.  It is up to the dreamer to dig deeper as they piece together the prose.


I was hiding from a man who was going to kill me. I don’t know why, I just know my life depended on staying hidden. I was in a large antique/furniture store, crouched behind a couch. The man had a German Shepard with him, and this dog knew me. The dog loved me and was very happy to see me, so he went right to me. The man was preoccupied and hadn’t noticed the dog had found me yet.
The dog was greeting me, bouncing from paw to paw, making happy puppy sounds. I feared the noise would draw my killer straight to me, and the dog didn’t understand I needed him to leave me alone. I made the unfortunate choice to suffocate the dog to death to stay alive.


Several years ago, I had read about women in Uganda who had to suffocate their babies to avoid being found, tortured and killed. They saw this as a more merciful death for their child, because if they were found, both mother and child would be molested and mutilated. If they suffocated the crying baby, at least it would die in loving arms and the other women would survive. This was the immediate thought that crossed my mind in reference to this dream, though I have never felt such strong bonds with any dog.
Death in dreams hardly ever refers to actual death. It generally refers to a change, or closing of a chapter to open a new one. The fact that I was so fearful of this archetype that I would sacrifice one who loves and trusts me is a bit disturbing.
There are many ways to die, but this dream chose to show me a human male killer. It was someone I didn’t know, someone who was preoccupied with the business of killing others first, but the dog was definitely a connection between us. His dog loved me.
Serial killers have a different interpretation in dreams than killers with a single quarry. Serial killers suggest fear and insecurity, whereas killers signify being cut off from an emotion.
Antiques represent traditions, wisdom, and inherited personal characteristics. They were my only protection from death. That’s interesting considering the death archetype symbolizes change. I was literally hiding from change within tradition.
The most significant symbol in my dream was the German Shepard. Few dog breeds have their own special meaning, most represent intuition, loyalty, generosity, protection, and fidelity. The German Shepard’s specific symbolism is protective instinct and attentiveness to a situation. The nature of the interaction with this symbol provides deeper meaning.
Initially, the dog is very happy to see me. “To see a happily barking dog in your dream symbolizes pleasures and social activity. You are being accepted into some circle.” Since this situation will bring death (change), I try to stop it. It seems that in any other instance, I would welcome this social activity, but this time is different.
Death of a dog nearly always means the end of a friendship; interpretation just depends on the nature and extent of the death. I was ending it to avoid death (change). Since we determined that the breed had specific meaning, we can apply that protectiveness to the friend in question. There is possibly someone protecting me who I am trying to stop in order to avoid change, and I would go as far as to terminate the relationship (with my bare hands) to do so.
Let’s put everything together.
I’m hiding from change within tradition, but a protective friend within my social circle is trying hard to bring change to my life. I am so opposed to this change that I would go so far as to snuff out the friendship personally.
It’s strange, because I feel like I’m usually the person who is ready for change. I know I can be kind of a homebody, and I don’t desire travel as much anymore, because I’m uncomfortable leaving my home and cats to be tended by someone else. Perhaps that is the old way I’m railing against changing. An aspect of the dream that I didn’t have the presence of mind to change in the dream was using the dog against my killer. Surely this symbol of protection who loved me would not have allowed the killer to hurt me. I was not comfortable leaving my protection to untested loyalty, so it wasn’t even a consideration.

Final Thoughts

I have not been away from my home for more than a day in several years, because I feel uneasy specifically with leaving my cats in the care of someone else. I don’t trust that my apartment won’t spring an inspection while I’m gone, and they’ve been known to leave the door wide open while doing so. I would be absolutely devastated if anything happened to my cats while I was gone, and I don’t trust boarding them at a vet ever since I read about the cat that was euthanized by mistake while her owner was traveling. I know that I have friends and family I could trust, but I don’t want to burden them with the care of my cats.
How far am I willing to push against this change? If the choice came between trusting a friend to look out for me, or personally ending a friendship, could I set my fears aside. That’s a pretty big step for someone who needs to feel control over possibilities and outcomes.

Common Dream Symbols – Pt. 1

Isnake2t’s been established that I’m not big on symbols in dreams.  Visual representations mean different things to different people.  Only you can really determine what these elements mean to you, but here are some suggestions for further self-exploration.

I grabbed a few items from a list of 30 Common Symbols:
Animals are common elements in dreams. Depending on how you feel about an animal, the meaning may vary. Some people are terrified of snakes while others think they’re pretty and keep them as pets, so your interpretation of the symbol really depends on your relationship with the animal or the interaction you’re having with it in the dream. Even something you normally love can have a frightening presence in a dream. It’s suggested that the primal dream of being chased by an animal represented repressed fear, which is understandable.

Babies. Oh boy, there’s a topic for ya! Going back to the animal symbols, I’ve been told that dreams of fish represent desire for children, but I have seriously no desire for children. Babies in your dream could be literal, or they could represent how you feel personally or about someone else. Perhaps you feel you have needs that aren’t being met, or on the other hand you feel like you’re being called upon for caring/nurturing. Babies may also signify a new beginning (though they also say that about death in a dream).

Exams are a form of evaluation. If you felt unprepared for the exam, consider the subject. Perhaps there is something you need to work on. I often have dreams that I’ve returned to school only to realize I haven’t attended my math class in months and I’m sure I’ll fail the class. The exam doesn’t necessarily have to be a school subject, but it could reveal some feelings of inadequacy (even if it’s all in your head and you’re actually brilliant in the subject).

Falling is a really common element. It might wake you up clutching your sheets, but sometimes it doesn’t startle you awake. If you dream of prolonged falling it might actually signify letting go of things in your life that bring you stress. Adversely, it may also represent some perceived failure or fall from success.

Houses in dreams can take the form of any place you’ve been in your life, someplace entirely new, or some strange combination of places. You might find yourself inside your best friend’s childhood room, then walk out the door into a convenience store. However your mind is trying to tie these things together, what you’ll want to pay attention to are the things you associate with those places. Grandma’s kitchen might make you feel happy and welcome, but what’s with the museum in the hallway? Well, it really depends on how you feel about museums. If your grandmother has passed away quite some time ago, that could be relevant, and you’re simply wishing to reminisce about that time in your life.

Yes, I will return with more symbols like teeth falling out, tornadoes and floods, public nudity…all that fun stuff.