Dream 1

Let’s begin with my most recent dream, because it will still be fresh in my mind.

Dream date: 7/9/13 between 6:15 am and 7:52 am

Myself and 4 other people were walking down some dirt road. We were doing something we shouldn’t have been doing. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t allowed either. A truck was heading toward us from my right, so I stepped back into the ditch. The guy beside me was sitting in the dry weeds. To my left, the other three people were moving off the road to let the truck by, but a girl was sitting in the road. There was plenty of room for the truck to get by her, but she didn’t realize there was another truck coming from the other direction and got her leg run over.

I somehow understood that this was the leg she had broken sometime before, but when I got to her to help, I saw she had two prosthetic feet. They had both been destroyed, so she was essentially stranded out here with no feet to walk on. Both legs had been cut off from about 1/3 of the way up the shin, and there were metal bars sticking out the ends that looked like they attached to the prosthetic feet. The feet were smashed to pieces, but looked like they had been some sort of electronic devices. I sat with her and cried “I didn’t know! I didn’t know you didn’t have feet.” Like I said, I understood in the dream that she had broken her leg at some point, but was surprised to know that both had been amputated. She kept trying to stand on the two metal bars, but couldn’t keep her balance.

I helped her get to a house nearby which turned out to be a friend’s house. She passed out and I must have fallen asleep also, because I found myself waking up in a strange bed, warm and sweaty. I walked out of the bedroom of this trailer house and the girl was awake again, but shivering and very weak. “You let me sleep for 3 hours!?!” she said, “Get me someplace warm and something to eat! Hurry!” I put her in the bed I’d just left, because it was still very warm. Someone started frying some eggs and asked me if I wanted any. “I can’t have eggs. I mean, I’m not allergic to them, but I just can’t handle them.” (Referring to a real problem I have with eggs) The short, bald man who was serving the eggs gave me a confused look.

The trailer changes to a school building, and myself and one other person are helping some janitors clean a bathroom where the stalls are actually more like aisles of a convenience store. There are shelves to each side about 4″ tall and the janitors are cleaning the floor between each. I don’t have a mop, so I put down some cleaning liquid and a paper towel and use my foot to scrub any messy spots. An alarm goes off, not a bell, but an alarm, and I understand that we have to evacuate the building. I pick up a few of my belongings and on the way out I seem to understand that the building is going to be destroyed intentionally. I think for a moment that I’ve lost whatever is still inside the building, but then I realize that it’s really nothing I truly needed.


It’s important to explore the emotions of the dream and also to identify any elements that have been drawn from real events that preceded the dream. The legs being amputated and the girl being run over both came from recent news. There was the Brazilian soccer ref who was mutilated (among other things, his legs had been cut off), and there was the girl in the plane crash who survived the crash only to be run over by the emergency response truck.

I identified the girl who was run over as a high school acquaintance who was very athletic, and the dirt road was the same place where my high school PE class used to go for walks. We would often get just out of sight from campus and hang out in the shade until a reasonable time had passed for us to finish the walk (cheaters!). This could relate to my current walking regimen prescribed by my doctor as a means of dealing with my lung trouble.

The trailer house was very similar to that of a friend I haven’t seen in a long time, but she wasn’t there. When I woke up, the girl had changed into another friend I haven’t seen in a long time who identified with the frail constitution. I had received a text from her the night before inviting me to her birthday party this weekend.

The bald man seems to be an amalgam of the sarcastic, judgmental people I encounter. The bathroom with shelves, I don’t understand. Perhaps I just didn’t want to be in a bathroom with so many other people, so I put shelves there to make it seem like an acceptable setting. Yesterday, the maintenance guy at work accidentally spilled a bottle of cleaner on the floor when the loose spray nozzle fell off. He cleaned up the puddle with a paper towel, so I understand where that part came from.

The alarm was unrelated to my alarm clock. It didn’t sound the same and I woke up a few minutes before it would go off. I carried educational material out of the building before it was destroyed and somehow that was sufficient.