My friends insist that there should be a book or movie based on my strange dreams.  I suppose one of the biggest challenges in writing about our dreams is the need for a waking mind to define a transition between one setting and the next.  There are often clear divisions in the dream, but they don’t seem to make sense.  How can I be on a boat one moment and then I’m at school?

I’ve always been fascinated by dreams.  Some of my most vivid dreams came to me while I slept on the couch.  I’ve decided to start a blog, not only to record and share my dreams, but also to share as much of the research and speculation on sleep/dreams that I find.  I will also accept dream submissions from readers who would like to share and receive feedback.

From a friend: “Vivid dreams can be inspiring and perplexing. They are most often about emotions processing. Trying to make sense of them is futile. It’s more about how you felt about events within the dream than the events themselves or the persons in it. I enjoy vivid dreaming. It is impetus for self exploration.” -Randel Bird

He makes a great point.  Growing up, I had access to dream dictionaries and folklore books that my mother kept around the house.  She has been a big believer in dream interpretation for as long as I can remember.  I can appreciate that dreams give us insights into our lives, but certainly they are subjective meanings.  It always irked me when people would project their desires onto me because of a dream, like “Oh, you know what that means, right? It means you’re pregnant!  Every time my girl friends dream about that they end up being pregnant!”  Nope, that’s not it.  Sometimes the interpretations are so vague that they could apply to anyone, like “That dream means you’re feeling insecure about something.”  Yes, I’m sure you are feeling insecure about something too, just that that guy over there, and that girl there.

One thing that is being taught in psychology classes is the function of dreaming.  Psychologists believe that during the day we are bombarded by information and not all of it processes immediately.  Dreams are the brain’s way of cataloging the minutia and dealing with unresolved issues we faced during the day.  If there are no sensible connections to be made, our dreams end up just as bizarre and fractured as the data it is trying to store.

I hope this blog will be as educational and entertaining for you as it is for me.