Overnight Oximetry Results

I had my follow-up appointment last Thursday and I requested to have a printout of my overnight oximetry test so I could post it for you fine folks! The cough is much better. Lung sounded fine and the nurse practitioner was not terribly concerned about any residual issues. She said this may be a thing I deal with in my life, that I get a lung infection and then my airways are constricted and not all of the junk makes its way out. She said I could just tell my doctor some prednisone as a follow-up to antibiotics would do the trick to clear me up. That’s fine by me as the stuff is much cheaper than asthma medicine. She was reluctant to call is asthma anyway.

So on with the sleep test. They wanted to check (since I’m a big girl) if my airflow was cut off during the night at all. Sleep apnea is a very serious thing. It can lead to grogginess during the day when focus is necessary, making it dangerous to drive or operate machinery. It can cause morning headaches and relative to that cause some brain damage.

Test date: 06/23/13
Start: 00:09:55
End: 08:08:07
Highest pulse: 112
Lowest pulse: 58
Mean pulse: 76
Highest SpO2: 99%
Lowest SpO2: 87%
Mean SpO2: 94.9%
Time with SpO2<90% 0:01:04 0.2%
Longest continuous time with saturation = 10 sec & <= 3 mins was 49.4 sec. Desaturation event index (events per hour) 4.4


The nurse said they were not really concerned with the results, because the events per hour were less than 7, and I only spent about a minute with oxygen levels below 90% out of almost 8 full hours of sleep. It’s still a consideration for the future, but doesn’t require immediate attention. What I absolutely love about this readout is that you can see the 90 minute cycles of sleep. Maybe someday just for kicks I’ll have a full polysomnogram, because I think it would be very interesting to have a personal account of how these figures tie together. I’ve never had an EEG, but they fascinate me.


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